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Carbon Fiber B-Pillar Covers

We manufacture custom B-pillar covers for BMW, Infiniti, Lexus and Audi sports cars made from durable carbon fiber material. Our carbon fiber B-pillar covers are designed to OEM standards and guaranteed to provide a perfect fit. Buy B-pillar trims to protect your car from extreme weather including sun damage while giving your car a sleek look that will last for years. Our carbon fiber B-pillars install in minutes using heavy-duty adhesive strips that provide a flat, secure seal against your carís B-pillars, protecting them from any moisture that could potentially seep in and cause premature deterioration. Our B-pillar covers for BMW, Lexus and other models come with a protective coating to further ensure they outlast the competition.

Upgrade your sports car with our custom B-pillars that look great while protecting your car from the elements. We offer the most affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders. Buy today while supplies last, or contact us for more information and our experts will help you find exactly what you need before you buy.